Installation Steps
STEP 1 → Open intelACe Top Cover; insert screw driver in notch and twist clockwise. Top Cover is easily removed exposing the intelACe Bottom Assembly. Take care not to touch the Main Controller PCBA which will be mounted on Bottom Cover.

STEP 2 → Mark Drill Hole Location; position intelACe Bottom Assembly near the Air Conditioner (suitable location within 300mm) and mark the mounting hole location.

STEP 3 → Drill Mounting Holes; drill 2 holes to a depth of 25mm (1”) at the marked location using 4mm masonry drill bit.

STEP 4 → Fix Wall Plug; insert the provided wall plugs (x2) into the drilled holes.

STEP 5 → Mount intelACe On Wall; place intelACe Bottom Assembly on wall, aligning the mounting hole to wall plugs. Once aligned, insert the provided mounting screws into the wall plug and screw it using a Phillips screw driver.

STEP 6 → Attach intelACe Top Cover; properly intelACe Top Cover on the wall mounted intelACe Bottom Assembly and push it to snap in place. Inspect the attachment to ensure intelACe Top Cover is properly attached with all the locking ribs attached.

STEP 7 → Open Air Conditioner Indoor Unit Cover;

STEP 8 → Connect intelACe AC Power Supply Cables, Brown (L) & Blue (N);


STEP 9 → Connect intelACe Compressor Control Cable 1, Black;

STEP 10 → Connect intelACe Compressor Control Cable 2, Black;

STEP 11 → Close Air Conditioner Indoor Unit Cover.

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